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TiEcon 2013 Mobility - mHealth Mobile Healthcare Opportunities, Aug 27, 2013

Anne DeGheest | 28 August 2013

Workflow Management and Patient Engagement

Anne DeGheest, Managing Director & Founder, HealthTech Capital, offers advice to entrepreneurs developing solutions for medical workflow management and patient engagement at the FutureMed 2012 Program:



Anne DeGheest | 24 December 2012

Good Luck: Why the Year's Best Business Book Says You'll Probably Need It

David Shaywitz wrote an interesting article in Forbes about a book called “The Success Equation,” by Legg Mason Chief Investment Strategist Michael J. Mauboussin.
Mauboussin’s specific focus is understanding the relative contribution of luck vs skill in a range of endeavors, from sports to business.

Anne DeGheest | 05 November 2012

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