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MedStars and HealthTech Capital invest in Niveus

For the last 2 years, I have been mentoring Brian Fahey, the founder of Niveus who is now closing on a $2 Million series A from major angel groups. 

My angel group, HealthTech Capital, played a key role with our members investing directly over $500,000. By sharing our due diligence with other angel groups, we helped in creating a powerfull value add syndicate.

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Anne DeGheest | 26 July 2011

FDA drafts mobile medical app regulations

Check Brian Dolan thorough review of the new FDA draft for mobile medical applications

"As part of its draft guidance the FDA, of course, had to sketch out its very particular definition of a mobile medical app. The agency broke the definition into three parts: mobile platform, mobile app, and mobile medical application. A mobile platform is a commercial off-the-shelf computing platform “with or without wireless connectivity” that is handheld. Mobile apps are software that can be run on a mobile platform or a Web-based software application that is designed for the mobile platform.   Finally, a mobile medical app is one that meets the definition of "device" according to the FD&C Act, but for this set of draft regulation it also must be "used as an accessory to a regulated medical device" or it must "transform a mobile platform into a regulated medical device."

 Apps that would not be regulated and Apps that would be regulated

Anne DeGheest | 22 July 2011

Health Care Information Technology: Venture's New Darling?

As traditional venture-like returns are harder to generate from drug development and medtech plays, some frustrated VCs see new opportunities in health care information technology, an area many have traditionally avoided by Paul Bonanos, Start-Up 06/01/2011 

 "....With health care costs spiraling upwards, VCs see an opportunity to create businesses via IT to cut costs out of the health care system. Government initiatives such as the Affordable Care Act and the HITECH Act are galvanizing a tech-ready industry that has been slow to adopt new procedures and may provide VCs with potential new buyers for their fledgling companies.

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Anne DeGheest | 20 July 2011

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