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HealthTech Conference, October 26, 2012

Anne DeGheest | 26 October 2012

Digital Health: Almost a Real, Live Business

David Schaywitz wrote an interesting article in Forbes called Digital Health: Almost a Real, Live Business.

"While the evolution of the digital health ecosystem has seemed at times almost painfully contrived, it’s now appears to have reached the point where it requires but a few sprinkles of magic fairy dust to be truly alive". David does an excellent job describing the growing amount of digital health incubators and exploding number of digital health entrepeneurs ..but there is a serious lack of funding by established venture capitalists ..still sitting on the fence..until succesfull revenue models emerge for the Direct To Consumer models.

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Anne DeGheest | 13 October 2012

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Slides

This year, Mary Meeker brings her famous annual Internet Trends report to D10, where she just appeared onstage.
Meeker, a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and former financial analyst, is describing what she calls “the re-imagination of nearly everything” powered by mobile and social, with a torrent of slides tracing what was then and what is now. For example: News outlets are reimagined on Twitter, note-taking is reimagined on Evernote, scrapbooking is reimagined on Pinterest. Meeker also traces out the story of the mismatch between mobile growth and mobile monetization, pulling together numbers and analysis of one of the biggest weaknesses in today’s Internet industry.

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Anne DeGheest | 06 June 2012

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